1. Have the products been tested, and does it perform as per the information on the label?

Yogic Secrets products are tested for its quality, safety and efficacy. Tests ensure no heavy metal or microbial content of the ingredients. All finished products are tested for potency to verify the label claim, ensuring the appropriate strength.

2. Can I take your supplements in case of suffering from a particular ailment?

If the particular ailment is a medical condition, we suggest you to seek the guidance of a medical practitioner before consuming. All our products are intended to help support, prevent and protect to maintain healthy living.

3. Do these supplements have any side-effect?

All our products are safe and in accordance with regulations and guidelines. Please follow the guidelines mentioned on the label. However, if there is any medical condition present, please consult a medical practitioner.

4. How long should I take these supplements?

Yogic Secrets products are not intended to be medical cures for any condition. However, these formulations are health supplements and intended to support and improve your wellbeing against todays prevalent lifestyle diseases. For long term benefits, we strongly recommend that these supplements need to be consumed minimum for 3 months.

5. Are these supplements can be taken by children?

These products are for not intended for children.

6. From where can I buy these products?

Currently Yogic Secrets products are available only through leading online ecommerce platforms.

7. Can I have these supplements on an empty stomach?

Please refer to instructions given on the label.

8. What should I do if I miss a dose?

No problem, please take at your next planned dose.

9. What should I do if I see any side effects?

Yogic Secrets products are designed to have no side effects as per the recommended dosage mentioned on the label. Please immediately stop the consumption of that product and contact medical practitioner immediately or you may reach us at +91 82878 60860 or email us at contact@yogicsecrets.com

10. Should I take these supplements even if I don’t have any health concerns?

Yogic Secrets products help you healthy living throughout your life span. Due to changing lifestyle and improper diet, we are deficient of various nutrients in the body which could cause many ailments later part of your life. Therefore, we strongly recommend that these supplements should become an integral part of your daily regime.

11. When do I start experiencing the benefits?

You may experience the benefits of our products within 3-4 weeks and optimal benefits can be seen on a regular consumption for 3 months.

12. Can I take your supplements once in a while and not every day?

No, there is no such thing as a quick fix, and our supplements are targeted to be consumed regularly and long term to ensure the best results for you.

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