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By Dr. Neelanjana Singh
Whenever the subject of spices comes up, it’s difficult not to talk about turmeric (haldi). One of the most powerful and potent spices known to us, the ‘golden spice’ haldi is truly worth its weight in gold. Time and again, it has proven its mettle by boosting immunity and battling many illnesses. 
Scientific research over the years has supported all the traditional wisdom about turmeric. The extracts of turmeric are proven to increase antibody production and therefore fight the onslaught of infections in the body. The role of turmeric in warding off more than 70 infections, including Zika and Chikungunya has already been established. Many diseases that affect us have been linked to inflammation in the body. Turmeric is known as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Its greatest advantage is that it is a natural, drug-free and easy to consume.
The noble curcumin is among the most commonly bioactive molecules in haldi. You may be surprised to know that turmeric contains more than 300 active ingredients besides curcumin! Some of these active ingredients are known to lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels in the body and boost the lymphatic function, which fights off infections. Turmeric works by impeding the flow of toxins through these lymphatic channels in the body.
Turmeric powder has long been an indispensable part of traditional Indian cooking. However, in times like these, it’s important to ensure that we regularly receive the requisite dose of haldi. This serves as a precautionary measure in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The preventive and curative properties of turmeric are widely known, and every household has its own way of ensuring the daily consumption of this incredible spice. The preparation of haldi-doodh and kadhas are some popular ways of consuming the spice. Unfortunately, these kadhas have their limitations, because the recipes and combination of spices used vary from home to home.
For the purpose of immunity boosting, we require a standardised dose of haldi as a part of the preventive toolkit. A daily dose of a little over 1g of turmeric (in 2 divided doses) taken in the capsule form helps curb the damaging free radicals generated in the body.
AyurMeric by Yogic Secrets contains the goodness of 100% natural and organic turmeric powder packed into capsules in the standardised doses. In addition to turmeric powder, each capsule contains added curcumin and inulin, which is a soluble fibre that enhances the immune boosting role of turmeric. 

The saying that prevention is better than cure has never been more apt than now, and pure and natural spices such as turmeric offer us an easy and effortless way to stay protected.
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